Jewelry Studio GoFundMe

Somerset Artists' Co-Op

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024

Array of copper fold-formed earrings created in a class at the Somerset Artists' Co-Op in Somerset, Ohio.We have exciting news! Our GoFundMe account has raised nearly $1,000 of the $6,500 needed to provide tools and supplies for teaching jewelry making. We have talented instructors at the Co-Op who can teach jewelry design skills, working with metals and gems and more! You can help us bring new classes to our area and provide people with the skills to create jewelry for fun and profit.

The Somerset Artists’ Co-Op is a 501(c)3 non-profit offering low-cost and free art programs to our community and surrounding communities.

Our GoFundMe will allow us to expand our class offerings to include more in-depth jewelry courses by creating six student work areas, complete with the tools and machines that are necessary to make sterling, copper, or brass jewelry and other metal works of art.

Those include 6 tabletop benches with basic hammers, pliers, saw frames, files, and other basic tools; 2 Soldering stations with tanks and torches; a specialized group of tools; 2 Foredom stations for cleaning pieces; and a grinder/buffer for final polishing.

If this speaks to your artistic spirit, we hope you’ll participate as a donor or attend a jewelry making class. A portion of some instructor fees are being contributed to the fund!