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Ceramic sculpture art by Jerrod Nash at the Somerset Artists' Co-op.

Jerrod Nash

Jerrod shares, “I started in ceramics at 15 years of age when my 9th grade art teacher introduced me to hand building and ceramic slip molds. From there I progressed to wheel throwing and combination techniques.

After obtaining my BFA in sculpture from the Ohio State University I taught ceramic art at various locations before establishing my own ceramic studio, StudioMudd.com. Since then, I have shown in multiple group and solo shows.

I prefer to use a combination of thrown and assembled techniques with a focus on simple aesthetics. Recently, I have been incorporating donated slip molds from our own local Roseville pottery. My interest is the contrast of predictable objects created from the slip molds and the relaxed objects produced from the kick wheel.

My goal is to get more people interested and excited about Perry County’s significant ceramic heritage – it rivals any. Worldwide!”