Our Story

The Somerset Artists’ Co-Op’s purpose is to create and celebrate the arts within the community by promoting artistic opportunities to the diverse population of Perry County and surrounding Appalachian communities.  We strive to enhance the public awareness of the arts through shared community goals and to make the arts accessible and sustainable for local artists and patrons.

We provide learning opportunities to children and adults of the Appalachian region of Perry and surrounding counties.  We utilize grants and public donations to provide funding for learning experiences as a means to keep costs low and affordable.

To maximize our impact on current efforts, we may seek to collaborate with other non-profit organizations which fall under the 501(c) (3) section of the internal revenue code and are operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

Funding for the Co-op comes from commissions on art sales and classes, membership fees, fundraising, corporate and local donations and grants from the Ohio Arts Council and other foundations. We operate a gallery and gift shop to display works of local artists. Local artists earn income from gallery sales.